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sol moon body

Where everyone is allowed to rest, regulate, and be free from pain. Where pampering is self care.

Our Services

Integrative Massage Therapy

Let go and release tension as knowledge and expertise guide our practitioner to use various massage techniques tailored to your needs.

Guided Yoga

Experience a personalized yoga session that could include assisted stretching and principles from yin, hatha, and restorative.

Sound Therapy

Regulate your nervous system with the soothing sounds and vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls.

"I highly recommend Sol Moon Body. They are kind, caring, professional, and respectful. The massage I received far exceeded any expectations. I walked away feeling like a new person in a pain-free body -- my mind, body and soul were revived. Sol Moon Body offers a wonderfully unique healing experience."



We believe in embracing the journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Our approach is rooted in love, compassion, and understanding, as we guide our clients towards reconnecting with their true selves and finding inner peace. Whether you’re looking for serenity and relaxation, or movement and pain relief, we’re here to hold you and facilitate your needs.


Whether you’re curious about how a session will go or just want to know more about what we offer, we’re here to answer any questions.