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Massage has been around for thousands of years, since touch itself first evolved. As you can imagine, it has gotten much more refined since then. At Sol Moon Body, we offer a variety of techniques to suit your needs.


From Swedish Relaxation to Integrative (combining deep tissue, myofascial release, Swedish, assisted stretching, trigger point therapy) and Hydrostone, we offer the massage expertise you seek.

Guided Yoga and Assisted Stretching

Ever wanted to try yoga, but didn’t want to have a whole class full of strangers around you? Maybe you’re a seasoned yoga practitioner looking to improve your alignment. Or, perhaps you’d just like a personalized yoga experience and someone to assist you in stretching.


In any of these cases, we’re here to stretch the possibilities of what you know a yoga class to be. Be flexible and sign up today!

Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls

The soothing sounds and vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls are the headliner of this heavenly experience. Our practitioner can personally attest to the wondrous and magical anxiety dissolving effects of these beautiful bowls.


Don’t have anxiety? They also help bring your body back to homeostasis so you can sleep and feel content and relaxed. Try out a short session for only $15! Your nervous system will thank you.